How to embrace hypergrowth with serenity and joy — Introduction.

Chloé Martinot
3 min readOct 26, 2020

Serie of articles giving pieces of advice to the first employees of startups to live serenely and joyfully the hypergrowth.

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I joined a vertical marketplace selling DIY and gardening products in 2014. Five years later, it became ManoMano, completed a 100 million euros fundraising campaign, hired more than 500 employees, and aimed to reach a billion euros in sales by the end of 2020.
In August 2019, I left the adventure. Between my arrival and my departure, I had experienced a x60 growth, going from a business volume of 1 million per month to 2 million per day.
Talking with other first-time startup employees, I found similarities in our backgrounds and thoughts. Thanks to Maylis from Spendesk, Grégoire from BackMarket and Thomas from CybelAngel for answering my questions.

In this series of 5 articles you will find :
👉 keys to progress faster than your company 🚀
👉 answers to questions about your legitimacy 😏
👉 ideas for career moves within your startup 🤔
👉 tips on when you should leave 👋🏽

I hope these words will resonate and I wish you to live such a great adventure.
— — — — —
A quick overview of the topics we’ll cover:

ARTICLE 1 — (link to come)
1/🦎You are chameleons: How to maintain your motivation and improve your level of mastery?
Like chameleons, you are hyper adaptable. No matter the job description, you join the adventure for the vision and want to contribute in every way possible. You are comfortable with a high level of uncertainty, and not afraid to question the processes established to ensure the company’s growth. Adaptability, Humility, and Ingenuity are your hallmarks. But aren’t you a bit good at everything and expert at nothing?

ARTICLE 2 — (link to come)

2/📚The encyclopedia syndrome: How to avoid it and stay focused on the company’s future?
Hypergrowth makes the written tradition time-consuming and complicated. The first profiles recruited have to pass on their knowledge to avoid being continually…



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